A fast and lightweight alternative to kiwix-serve
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A modern zim fileserver which can handle multiple zim files by serving a beautiful Wiki website. It is a lightweight and performant replacement for kiwix-serve and can handle many big wiki archives (zim files).


Desktop Mobile


  • Install go and compile it using go build or
  • Download the latest release




LibraryPath = "./library"
Address = ":8080"


Your LibraryPath must contain your .zim files inside it, you can also link them using symlinks.
Run the binary and go to https://localhost:Port


  • Read/Handle multiple Zim files
  • Read Wikis
  • Search (inside a wiki or globally)
  • Create wiki index files for faster search
  • Send content gzipped
  • Use symlinks as .zim link
  • Replace absolute links with relative ones
  • Config file