A rust wrapper for the GalaxyBudsLive bluetooth protocol
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A reverse engineered rust wrapper for the GalaxyBuds bluetooth protocol. Can be used to communicate with your earbuds using rust. You can find a cli tool controlling your Earbuds on linux here

To use:

Add this to your Cargo.toml

galaxy_buds_rs = "0.2.1"

Or if you have cargo edit:

cargo add galaxy_buds_rs



  • Status update
  • Extended status update
  • Get all debug data
  • Touch updated
  • Voice wakeup listening update
  • Touchpad tap action
  • Version info


  • Un/Lock touchpad
  • Set noisereduction
  • Set Equalizer
  • Adjust sound sync
  • Mute earbud
  • Find my earbuds
  • Prepare voice notification (notifications TTS)
  • Set touchpad option
  • Update time



Set the address value in examples/receive.rs to your Buds' mac address and run following:

cargo --example receive


Set the address value in examples/send.rs to your Buds' mac address and run following:

cargo --example send