The DataManager server, providing the services required by the various clients
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Use the new version:


A data storing, managing and sharing solution for you or your business. Upload files to a server (this repository) using the CLI Client or the GUI Client. This stores it and allows sharing via a preview html page.

Basic concept

  • There are namespaces
    • Namespaces use following format: username + "_" + namespaceName
    • Each user has a default namespace called username+"_default"
  • One file belongs to one namespace
  • Groups and tags can be assigned to files, this makes it easier to find them
  • Registration can be enabled/disabled to allow/prevent users from creating an account
  • Roles can give certain access to users
  • File encryption is client side only. The server only stores the used cipher and the encrypted file but the en/decryption happens only client side
  • Files are 'private' by default. Using the publish command or upload with --public or --public-name <name> makes a file available via a URL



The dockerfiles are hosted on Since the file store path is /app/files/ you have to map /app/files with a path on the host.
For instance -v $(pwd)/files/:/app/files/


Run: make (GO 1.11+ is required)


Create an example config using ./main config create
By default the config file is stored in ./data/config.yml



database A postgres database
pathconfig.filestore The local folder for files. If you want to store the files in a different folder, change this value
roles The default roles. You must change them before the first start of server. Changes later on will be ignored.
allowregistration Allows registrations from users


useragentsrawfile Respond with the raw file instead of the preview file. Very nice if you want to download the file instead of the preview if you are using wget or curl
maxpreviewfilesize Max filesize for the preivew
htmlfiles Path for the webroot. By default ./html


Run the server using ./main server start
You can add -l debug to view debug logs